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Auto Unlock was one of the leading features announced at WWDC (The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2016. Thanks to the extremely expected release of the latest macOS Sierra beta, developers get their first hands-on look at Auto Unlock. Auto Unlock is one of the prime features that allow you to unlock your Mac robotically while wearing your Apple Watch, this auto unlock feature caused much excitement at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. For using this feature, you require watch OS 3, macOS Sierra beta 2, and Two-Factor Authentication before you get start with this prime Auto Unlock feature on your Apple device. If you confront any sort of issue in using MacOS Sierra Auto Unlock Feature, then you can take technical assistance from a reliable technical support company, like Intelli Atlas. For macOS Sierra customer support dial Apple support phone number for instant help and support to resolve the issue instantly.

In this piece of write up you will go through the steps of enabling Auto Unlock and the various other features that help you in using macOS Sierra auto unlock feature in a proper manner.

Requirements to use Auto Unlock

Before you are able to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch using Auto Unlock there are various basic nuts and bolts that you need to complete prior to use the Auto Unlock feature. Here are some of the useful steps:

MacOS Sierra beta 2

To have access to your Apple device Auto Unlock feature, there are various other macOS Sierra features you need to download.

Create an archived backup on your Mac.

  • First of all, go to Apple’s Developer site.
  • Click on Develop and Downloads option.
  • Log into developer account.
  • Click Download > click Redeem.

In case the redeem code in the text field is not available, then you can copy and paste the code from the download section. Once the download process is complete, Tap to continue > agree to Apple’s Terms and Conditions > tap to Install and follow the instructions. Finally, your Mac will reboot and start the install.

Watch OS 3 beta 2

To use Auto Unlock feature in macOS Sierra, you also need to have watchOS 3 beta 2 installed on your Apple Watch. In case you are facing any type of issue in installing Watch OS 3 beta 2 on your Apple Watch, you can take technical support from macOS Sierra on auto unlock feature in beta version from a reliable technical company like, Intelli Atlas.

Two-Factor Authentication

In case you don’t have Two-Factor Authentication featured turned on your Apple ID account, you will need to turn it on before you can use Auto Unlock.

How to use Auto Unlock?

  • After installing all these three requirements to use Auto Unlock, you can successfully use the Auto Unlock feature.
  • First of all, make certain that you have a passcode set on your Apple Watch.
  • On your Mac, simply open System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > check the box next to Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac.
  • After this, enter your Mac’s password and a ‘Turning On’ message will be displayed.
  • Lock your Mac, and when you want to turn it on again wear Apple Watch, a message will display: Unlocking with Apple Watch and your Mac will unlock automatically.

For more reliable and convenient solutions, you can dial a toll-free Apple customer support number and get customized solutions to auto unlock your Mac instantly.

✆ Apple 800-961-1963

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