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Have you ever heard about the OS X command-line features? If no, then don’t be afraid of the OS X command line as it’s an influential tool that can be used to facilitate system functions and interactions; otherwise, obscured by the GUI. If you’re a system admin and searching for an extra edge, then command line tips can help you make things work. For file trees, finder windows, backups, subdirectories, quick looks restores, and a more lot, you can take care of them all from the command line, no graphical interface required is required for using these features.

pbcopy and pbpaste: Copy and paste to/from the clipboard

The pbcopy and pbtaste commands work in concert, allowing right to use to and from the system clipboards and pasteboards from the command line. For instance, this feature helps you to list all the files in a directory that starts with the letter “f” and also put the list into the clipboard.

Type the following command:

$ ls f* | pbcopy

Boom this command can be pasted into any GUI application. The opposite command works as you might expect. In case you have the list of files in the clipboard from another application, you can process it on the command line with pbpaste:

$ pbpaste | grep foo

It will help you to use the grep command to extract only the lines containing the string foo. These two commands are absolutely handy and functional. While using the command if you confront any technical issue, then contacting the Apple OS X support is the right option to get competent solutions instantly.

Open Files in Any Application

By using these commands, you can open documents directly from the terminal very easily and also open them in another application that isn’t the default file type.

$ open -a /Applications/AppName.app /path/to/file.txt

The above command will open our text file in the application. Just make changes to the application and file.  Sometimes, a single space or error in the command will led to severe errors. So, it’s better to dial a toll-free Apple OS X support phone number to get relevant solutions immediately.

Navigating to Folders

By this, you can navigate to any folder, such as Utilities, by typing the below-listed command:

$ cd /Applications/Utilities

In case you want to speedily jump back to your home folder, you can simply enter:

$ cd

With these folders that contain spaces, there are two ways you can do it:

$ cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/

$ cd “/Volumes/Macintosh HD/”

The first technique uses the \ back slash to “escape” the space. Since the command line treats the space as part of commands, so be careful before applying any command. The \ character tells Terminal to ignore the space that immediately follows. Otherwise, you can merely wrap the folder’s path in quotation marks and any spaces it contains will be unnoticed.

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