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Set, Unlock and Control iPad Screen Rotation How to Unlock an iPad Screen?

While rotating your iPad – for example from portrait view to landscape – your images revolve so as to keep the right side up always. The feature can best be made handy by changing the display orientation for seeing pictures or surfing internet. Similarly, some additional features in iPad can best be used to get an amazing experience of Mac ecosystem; provided that your device doesn’t have any technical obstructions.

In case of any issues related to display rotation, or you want to disable the feature in your iPad, visit forgot iPad password page for help on how to unlock rotation on iPad or how to stop iPad from rotating.

But what if the iPad display is locked and how do you unlock it? Yes! It’s a serious problem for a lot of users who do find it much irritating to use their Apple ID and password every so often to gain access to the device every time whenever they want to unlock the device.

Sometimes, users come across some technical obstructions while they try to regain access to the iPad by unlocking the devices. Although it’s not a big problem in any way, however, you should be ready to overcome potential issues that may stop you from unlocking iPad device. Some useful and trustworthy options for tech support are available to access a right solution.

Regardless of unresponsive option, you would better go for a reliable third-party Apple iPad support service and get the issues resolved instantly.

As the issues are resolved using some technical steps, you can also give a try to some basic methods. Here are some basic troubleshooting methods to fix the problem:

  • Open multi-tasking menu by pressing home button for two times
  • Search the screen orientation lock button in the multitasking bar
  • Press the screen orientation lock button
  • Do a Double-click on the Home button when you want to unlock the screen
  • Press the screen orientation lock icon, and thus your iPad is unlock now

So these are some basic methods that you can apply to unlock your iPad. If you are still unable to get the result as expected, go for an advanced overhaul. Keep in mind; you should never do it on your own if you are new to your iPad device. You would better dial toll free Apple iPad customer support help number to access a right and reliable service.

On the other hand, you can also have some information and helpful details on the process to fix the issue. To know more about the issue and its solutions, visit Apple ID login page for help if your iPad screen is locked and how do I unlock it.

Among the service providers available, Intelli Atlas Inc. emerges as the most promising one with accurate and instant solutions. The professionals at Intelli Atlas are quite experienced and well-informed pertaining to each and every potential issue in iPad.

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