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Apple® Device Support Includes

  • Comprehensive phone support & help
  • Troubleshooting account login failures
  • Diagnose MacBook printing problems
  • Resetting Apple login password for iCloud
  • Tech support & troubleshoot Apple printer issues
  • Help transfer and sync Apple files using Apple ID
  • My iPad won't unlock using passcode
  • Support on Apple devices & installation
  • Fix MacBook launch or boot error
  • Help setting network on Apple devices
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Support and Help on Apple Errors

  • Error opening MacBook system
  • Unable to boot Apple MacBook iOS
  • Unable to update MacBook iOS
  • Apple MacBook backup error
  • Error transferring Apple MacBook data
  • Unable to re-install MacBook iOS
  • Apple printing device not working
  • Problem connecting MacBook to internet
  • Apple device connection to iTunes
  • Virus pop ups in MacBook pro browser
  • MacBook file access error over the network
  • MacBook pro iOS upgrade error to latest Apple OS
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iCloud, the unique platform, makes it possible to share all important things in your digital life, from your images, videos, and music to your personal and business documents. You can even buy a song from iTunes on your iPhone, and it will robotically download to your PC and your iPad at the same time. The access time is too quick, easy, and with a short setup, ready for you to start sharing. If you want to use iCloud Drive, you’ll need to first upgrade to its latest version something from your iPhone software. To do this, go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and look for a choice that says” Upgrade to iCloud Drive” on your iPhone or iPad. Click on that option and by this, you will be able to access files from iCloud automatically on tour iPhone or iPad. Intelli Atlas is an independent technical support providing company that offers quality solutions in a short span of time. You can simply dial a toll-free Apple support number to help you access iCloud files on iPad and other Apple devices effortlessly.

How to turn on the iCloud app?

By default settings, the iCloud application is hidden on your device, and therefore needs to be enabled before you can inspect your files.

Here’s how to do this:

  • First of all on your device, launch the settings app from your home screen and then click on iCloud > iCloud drive.
  • Now switch on “Show on Home screen” to “on” the application.
  • Exit the Settings by clicking on the Home Button.
  • To access files from iCloud, simply launch the iCloud Drive from your Home screen. In case you are not able to find it, swipe down to bring up the spotlight and then type iCloud.

In case you are not able to turn on the iCloud application, then visit Apple iCloud support page to reset and recover Apple iCloud password to backup or restore iCloud files automatically with the help of skilled and proficient technicians.

If you don’t have iOS 9 updated yet?

Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Simply download the Document 5 from the Application store. It is completely free of cost. Launch the app and tap on the iCloud icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Launch the app.
  • Choose “iCloud Drive.”
  • You can now simply access the files you have saved in iCloud via the corresponding supporting apps.
  • You can also download and install Cloud Opener tool to launch the app and then click on the iCloud icon.

You can use these simply navigation steps to open and also view the iCloud data organized by date.

✆ Apple 800-961-1963

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